Business Optimization

25 years of exceptional financial success

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Helping small businesses become more profitable through assistance with:
✓ digital and traditional marketing
✓ conversion rate optimization
✓ operations improvements
✓ staff development
✓ go to market strategies

Based on your goals, we focus on your profitability, management and market development. After careful analysis, we approach each client with a unique plan of action to allow your business to reach its next level of success. We maximize your greatest assets: your staff, clients, market position and products/services to boost your profitability and sustainability. We achieve these results through both experience and experimentation. Ultimately, results confirm the success of our business optimization efforts. 

Whiting & Co. works with owners who want to transform small businesses into successful, profitable businesses 

“When I met Spencer, our young business was in a state of significant transition… I hired Spencer to come in as a turn-around specialist to grow the business, clean up the staffing issues and build the visibility of the spa locally. He has done an excellent job doing exactly that… we recently had the best month in the history of the spa… He has accomplished what we set out to accomplish, increased our revenues dramatically and grew our staff and our local presence. Spencer’s wisdom, maturity, creativity and enthusiasm have been a great asset to the spa.” CG

With over 25 years of business optimization, marketing, sales management, and operational expertise in B2B, B2C, hospitality and non- profit industries, Whiting and Co. is uniquely equipped to help you turnaround, improve or expand your business.

Call 904-635-6057 today, or email Spencer and see how Whiting & Co can take your business to the next level of profitability and success.